Thursday, September 23, 2010

What A Find Wednesday!

This week I searched the Etsy forums for anything Orange! I found lots of great items and would love to share many of them, but I have to stick to it and pick 4. So here they are! Click on the picture to go to the shop page, or click on the shop name to view the whole shop!

Peachy Keen Ornament by Small Shiny Objects

Larry The Alley Cat by SimpleSurfer!

Lampwork Orange Drop Earrings by Renee Suich!

Orange Stoneware Slab Box by Zmedceramics!


  1. What a pretty, fresh-looking blog-site.
    I am honored to have my orange drop earrings chosen to part of your "Orange Series"
    Thanks Megan

    Renee Suich

  2. Orange ya glad they were all so cute! Fall is here and we are destined to see a lot of orange very soon, these are very, very pretty but I think Mother Nature and Father Time are still the best creators of orange.