Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heartsy Gone, Top Hatter Opened

Well I had every intention of creating a post with my experience and thoughts about Heartsy. But now, I guess it doesn't really matter! As of March 30th Heartsy will be no more! So instead, I'm going to give you a little briefing about their new site!

Tophatter Auctioneer 
With Heartsy closing an new site has emerged. TopHatter is to "take the place" of Heartsy, but in its own unique style. TH is a live auction site, sort of like Ebay, But instead of bid and watching for days, each item takes a few second to a couple minutes. Everything is much like it would be in an actual auction house.

A "lot" goes up to bid. Anyone interested may click the bid button. The bidding continues until it comes to a slow. The auctioneer (seen at left) will give the lot two chances before he closes the lot. (ie. going once... going twice... sold to -----) Most auctions also have a fair you can TRY to join. Once the regularly scheduled items start to finish the fair spots open. With sometimes 200+ people at an auction its hard to get a spot. You have to be quick! (Oh but you can pay the 50 cents to get a guaranteed spot in the fair... a rip off in my opinion.) TH invoices you for 10% (min. $1) of each thing you sell, so you better cross your fingers it sells for more than a buck! (You can't list your item with out first checking the I agree box)

Oh and you have to try and schedule your spot. And if there isn't any open in the next week it won't let you schedule it. Don't get me wrong I love the idea, and its quite fun. But there are certainly a few things that need to be worked out first! Feel free to check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think!


  1. I agree... I tried it and wasn't thrilled. Listing kept slowly moving down a list because it was my first time. Kinks should def be worked out and it would be cool!

  2. There are a *lot* of people on there scamming buyers with fake precious metals and selling $2 items (wholesale, to be fair) as $120 value. And those people are being given priority spots so they are in every single auction. Pretty frustrating.

    1. I agree! I've noticed a lot of people getting scammed. I watched a lot of 100 Cabochons sell for $22 dollars! I get mine on etsy for about half of that!

      Honestly I think people need to do some research and see how much the lots are really worth. Tons of the lots aren't worth anywhere near what the sellers are listing them as!