Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

This post is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions, as well as providing a few tips for using reusable bags.

**Please feel free to post questions in the comment section, along with your email. I will answer your question through comment, and send you an email as well.**

~Frequently Asked Questions~

1) What are your reusable bags made with?
A~ My bags are made with 100% cotton exteriors and nylon interiors.

 2) Why are the interiors nylon?
A~ The interiors of my bags are made with nylon for a few reasons. Not only is nylon food safe it is also water and stain resistant. Nylon is also very easy to clean, it can be wiped with a damp rag or added to your normal wash. Most importantly nylon contains no harsh chemicals, such as PVC, Phthalate, BPA, or Lead. Making my bags user friendly and completely safe.

3) What is the easiest way to clean your bags?
A~ For everyday messes I recommend simply flipping your bag inside out and wiping it with a damp cloth or paper towel. For sticker messes (like PB&J) simply add to the wash with like colors. If adding to the wash, I would recommend not using fabric softener. As it has such a strong smell the food can pick up the sent.

4) Your bags are made with Velcro closures, what is the best way to keep the Velcro crumb free?
A~ The answer is very simple, a toothbrush. Using either a new tooth brush, or an old clean toothbrush, simply brush the crumbs from the Velcro. Because there are so many little bristles on a toothbrush it is very good at getting into the groves of the Velcro strips.

5) Would you recommend your bags to your own family members?
A~ Most Certainly! Not only do I have my own set of reusable bags, my mother uses one of my sandwich bags, and my litter sister uses a lunch buddie!

6) What makes your bags different from all the other available?
A~ The biggest difference is the Velcro. In my personal opinion, the stitches from sewing on the Velcro should not be seen. The Velcro is mean to be functional, and should be just that. I sew my Velcro on so that there is no stitching on the exterior of the bag to take away from the overall appeal. Also, each of my bags is made very carefully and to be the best quality. I have critiqued, and changed, and edited my design until I came up with the design I currently used now. I know that it is the best that it can be, and I am always double checking my bags during the entire creation process, to make sure the bags will hold up to anything that you can throw at it!


*These tips work for most reusable bags, not just the ones made by me!*

~ If you are having trouble with your bread drying out try one of these simple tips: Try a different bread, some breads are softer and hold moister better than others. Or, wrap your sandwich in paper towel before placing it in your reusable bag.

~ Wash your bags weekly. This will make sure that your bags are clean, and ready to be used!

~ For small stains or spots on the cotton exterior of the bag, place a small amount of dish soap on the spot. Scrub the spot with a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

~ Are your bags wrinkly when the come out of the wash? Bags with a Nylon interior can be ironed. Simply warm your iron to a low or nylon setting and iron the bags. I recommend keeping the bag closed and ironing the front then the back.

~ Don't use a dryer! While the bags can be placed in the dryer (on a low heat cycle) I recommend hanging them to dry. Nylon is sensitive to heat, and should not be exposed to heat for long periods of time. 

~A great way to hang these bags for easy drying, without the need of a close line, is your shower curtain! Simply open the bag, and using a clothes pin, attach one side of the bag to either side of your shower curtain. Your shower will catch any access water, and there is no need for extra room just to dry your bags!

**Once again, Feel free to share any tips or questions in the comments! I would love to hear your tips, and I'm happy to answer any questions!**


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