Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a Find Wednesday!

This weeks What a Find Wednesday features Spring Themed Items! I've actually choosen 5 itmes this week... There were just sooo many cute items to choose from! I had a hard time picking just 5! Like always click the picture to go to the listing, click the shop name to visit the shop!

Set of 5 Ladybug and Bee Notcards from CardsandNotes!
Flower Bracelet by Baghdadbum!

Birdie and the cat by Monstersncuties!

Lovebird by Yarnabees!

White flower hair pin from Luvy Duvy!

Heads up! Next weeks theme is Easter!!! Look out for my thread on Etsy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday Feature and "Giveaway"

Wow I'm really late with this one! This feature is for a shop called Wispers! This shop is absolutely adorable! And the shop is offering a special prize for ALL of my readers instead of just offering a giveaway which only benefits one person! Read the feature to find out what that special little prize is =)

Wispers for the finest wisps of hair! My goal at Wispers is to provide unique handmade clips that are as beautiful as your little girl. People spend so much time dressing their kids up in adorable outfits, but they sometimes overlook the one little piece that ties it all together. A clip in a little girl's hair is like the bow on a gift.

When my baby was born she had more hair than a fully grown Chia pet! I tried putting clips in her hair but they just slid right out because her hair was so baby fine. So i decided that I would make my own! After much experimentation, I came up with the "get-a-grip" cushion, that really holds even the finest wisps of hair. My clips never fell out of my daughter's hair and they were so comfortable, she didn't even notice them! Now that she's a little older, she picks out her own clip every morning (even if it doesn't always match her outfit)!

I have been making clips since 2008. I have ben selling my clips as boutique events, and some local NY stores carry them as well. I just opened my shop on Etsy this month and I am so excited to be able to offer my clips to a wider audience on the web! I joined Etsy way back in 2008 to reserve my shop name and I celebrated the new year this year with my grand opening!

One of the accomplishments that I am really proud of is starting a trend among my friends to experiment with clips of different sizes and textures for their babies. I t seems as though everyone had an itty bitty bow in her baby's hair. After my daughter modeled some of my larger clips, such as lounging rounds, people saw how beautiful a nice big flower could look atop a small baby face. I also like to bring adult trends into my clips. Of a Feather has become a favorite a boutique events because it parallels the peacock feather trend worn by adults.

Now Wispers has been kind enough to offer a great little prize to all of my Followers. Check out her shop, see something you like? BUY IT! She is offering a coupon code for all followers! Use coupon code GREENHAVEN for free shipping on U.S. orders of $10 or more! Valid for TWO months from today!!! Such a great offer! Take advantage of it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday Feature and Giveaway!

This weeks Friday Feature will be a shop called Craftie Ladie! She will also be offering up one of her adorable dish towels, and the winner gets to choose which one! Scroll to the bottom of the feature for more details!

Now here is a little about the shop and its owner!

My name is Craftie Ladie, and I have been crafting for over 50 years... Drawing, painting, sewing, I have tried almost everything!!! I loved to sew, and made all my cloths, and always enjoyed hand stitching the hems on them... So when I retired, after 32 years of working full time, I stared hand embroidering towels, and started selling on Etsy in the year 2006, and away I went!!!! My name Craftie Ladie was an after thought to the correct spelling Crafty Lady because someone else already had it! I am not into blogging, twittering, nor do I have a Facebook page, but you can find me at the local Craft Fairs in my neighborhood in Anaheim Ca.

Now for the giveaway! The owner has been kind enough to put one of her towels up for grabs, even better, the winner get to pick which one!

To Enter YOU MUST:
1) Be a follower of this blog
2) Go to Craftie Ladie's Shop and pick out your favorite item, and leave a comment saying what it is!

For Extra Entries: ALL OF THESE MUST BE NEW!!! (ie: new heart, new purchase)
1) Heart Craftie Ladie on Etsy and say so in a comment ~1 Entry~
2) Make a Purchase From Craftie Ladie on Etsy and post the transaction number in a comment ~3 Entries~
3) Heart The Green Haven on Etsy and say so in a comment ~1 Entry~
4) Make a purchase from The Green Haven on Etsy and post the transaction id in a Comment ~3 Entries~

Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a Find Wednesday!

Im starting a new weekly feature! Every Wednesday (even though todays is a day late!) I will pick a new topic and post in the Etsy forums. I will be looking for items that fit that topic and will pick 4 each week =) So check the forums to get you item featured!

This weeks theme is Saint Patricks Day! Here are some very cute St.Patty's Day items! Click on the item pictures to go to the listing!

First up: This cute Shamrock Hair Clip From Ritzee Rebel!

Second is these adorable Cookies from Bees Knees Creative!

Third is for the doggie in your life, this collar is from Gone Doggie!

And last up for todays features, is a shamrock charm from Lisa Witmer Collection!

Enjoy! And heres a heads up! Next weeks theme will be Spring! So get your spring items ready and look for a new forum topic sometime next Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friday Feature!

This week I will be featuring TWO great etsy shops! These shops are Finnashe and MetalSmitten.

First up Finnashe! This little etsy shop sells a little bit of everything!

Hi! My name is Barbara and I love to create. I have been dabbling in crafts since my little girl was born... 13 years ago. I love to paint, draw, photograph, and play with all kinds of media. Art relaxes me and I find the creative side of myself peekin out in all different directions. A Marlylander, born and bred, I spend my time with my husband, Barry, and my daughter Katie, and of course my shelties, Finnegan, Ashlar, and Aiden.

I inherited my artsy side from my father and grandfather. Both could sketch and I learned my love of sketching from them. My mom was a knitter and crocheter and I learned how to do this from her. In my late 20's, I and a college chum, decided to start our own jewelry busines which lasted about 3 years. I stopped for a few years since my daughter consumed much of my free time. But I liked to visit craft fairs and such. At one of these events, I saaw a flyer for a paint class and decieded to go for it. While i was taking the painting classes, I also began to make jewelry again. I sold at local shows and hosted home parties in people's homes. I have also experimented with furniture refinishing and decorative funiture painting, and stained glass mosaics.

I then took the next couple of years off due to personal reasons, but after my divorce, I was much happier and consequently, much more motivated to create again. I am now married to my second, and I will add, my last husband, Barry. He is a super guy and very supportive of my arty side. He thinks it's really cool that I am way into science and art at the same time.

Today's Second Shop is MetalSmitten! This shop is quite creative, featuring all sorts of metal work!

I'm a 26 year old trained silversmith who loves turning metal and rocks into sparklie things to wear. I try to be as eco-friendly as I can with my jewelry, using recycled metals (refined,not mined!) for everything. I tried playing around with several differend craft areas, like woodworking and textiles ect., but metalworking was the one that really just stole my heart. I've always loved working with my hands and being artsy, but I never was so great at painting or anything like that, where as I feel like metalsmithing just came naturally.

I'm a sucker for puns. MetalSmitten is a pun on "metalsmithin." All told, ive been doing my craft for about six or seven years now. I plan to be doing this for the rest of my life, or at least until my hands are too arthritic to move. Usually I prefer to make a bund of one of a kind items, but I just introduced my first real product line!

Where else can you find MetalSmitten?
How about on
Facebook, or on Twitter!

Thanks so much for checking out my two featured shops!