Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What makes my products different?

That is the big question. What makes this product different than that one? Which one is better? How do I know which to buy? These are all questions we ask ourselves when were buying something, especially when we buy online. Do we really know which one to buy or which one is better? Most of the time, we don't. We are guessing, wouldn't it be so much easier if product descriptions would just tell us why they are better or different than the competitor?

Well here is your chance! I'm going to tell you why my sandwich and snack bags are different that the others out there, and you can make up your mind about who's better and which to buy! I encourage everyone to leave a comment stating what makes your product that step above the rest, and of course don't forget a link to your shop!

What makes my reusable bags different? 
I try to point out the visible differences in my product descriptions, but there is "behind the scene" difference as well. For starters, anyone who looks at my product can notice there is no Velcro line on the outside of any of my bags. This is because I take a little extra time to sew it in before the bag is put together, preventing those lines, and in my opinion making a better looking bag. Now the "behind the scene" differences can't really be noticed, but I will still share them with you all. Every stitch is re-enforced (double stitched). This ensures stability in my product, as well as durability through daily use.  The last feature, what some people believe to be decoration, is the side stitches. These stitches have a purpose, because of these stitches my bags have no raw edges, no places for crumbs to get stuck in! These stitches also give an extra layer of durability to the product, ensuring that after a wash the bag is in that same shape that it was before it went in the washer.

So tell me, what makes your product different, what make it stand out from the crowd! Let us know!

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