Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etsy Feature: Dream Paper Cut

I know it has been quite a while since I have featured an Etsy shop! Well I'm going to start doing this again, and I have a wonderful shop to start with! Remember if you would like to get a feature, just leave a comment on this feature or send me a convo!

Our names are Dmytro and Luliia, we reside in the Ukraine. We love creativity and handmade items, when you look at them you can feel the inspiration and love of the person who has created them. This is what encouraged us to share our own handmade items with others. Our craft is creating hand-cute paper silhouettes, all from a single sheet of paper where every piece is interconnected.

Tree Branches Handmade Original Papercut Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art SilhouetteWe took interest in paper silhouettes about a year ago, after which we decided to create our shop on Etsy to share our art with others. But our story begins much before that. As children we visited creative classes such as painting, drawing and paper craft. Growing up and studying at University we didn't pay proper attention to creativity, but it was always in our hearts. One time we created a greeting card with hand-cut elements for our friend's birthday. It was then that we first realized how much creativity was a part of our lives. After that, we took a strong interest in paper cutting and began creating silhouettes.

When we began creating our Etsy shop we wanted a name that was simple and memorable, but at the same time describes the items we are making. This is how we chose the name DreamPapercut. "Dream" because we  were dreaming to do what we loved, and "Papercut" because that is what we like to do. All of our works are made with love and soul. Each piece is inspired by nature, life or people who like our works. Our inspiration often comes when we go for walks in parks or the forests just to enjoy the nature surrounding us. Often we meet with our fiends to help us relax and get new energy to create new original works.
In love Zebras Handmade Original Papercut First Anniversary Paper Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette
Paper cutting is a very amazing process, when you start with just a piece of paper and finish with a beautiful work of art. This process can take several hours or even several days to completely finish. To us these silhouettes are not just sheets of paper, but something we have put our love, care and happiness into. We truly believe people can feel the same emotions when looking at our works.

Other Places you can find DreamPapercut:
Zibbet, Shoply, CraftisArtDawanda, and Facebook.

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