Friday, December 4, 2009

Handmade Holiday Shopping Guide -Part 2-

Its time for part 2 of my Handmade Holiday Shopping Guide! Today I will be featuring 2 shops! Those shops are Bathgasm and Oh Happy Day Creations! Both shops are wonderful and have great products!

First up Bathgasm!

1) What is some background information about you and your shop?
~Hi there! :) I’m Alyson from Moore, OK and I am the artist, owner, and fizzy-maker at Bathgasm. I love playing with non-traditional artistic mediums where I can really work with my hands. Before I started Bathgasm, I was a cake decorator, which was a lot of fun! A few of my commissioned cakes included realistic gardens, storybooks, and even a couch! Now, though, my creative passion has turned to bath products, especially bath bombs. I love finding new ways to make baths more fun and exciting. Plus, working in a delicious-smelling medium all day is awesome!

2) How did you get stared in your craft?
~ I was inspired to begin making my high quality, creative bath products after a trip to Zurich, Switzerland. While I was there, I went into a little shop and was introduced to the bath bomb. This was really a life changing experience for me, as my mind went into creative overdrive coming up with new color and scent combinations for this awesome little invention. Before long, I had lots of new ideas for new shapes and product concepts. I just knew I had to open my own shop to share my vision of a fun and luxurious bathing experience with the world.

3) How did you come up with your shop name?
~ That's kind of a funny story. I was thinking about what kind of experience I wanted my products to evoke, and, well... :) I hope that every bathing experience with my products results in a major Bathgasm, lol!

4) Where else can we find you?
~ You can find me on all the major social networks. On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Blogspot. I try to reward my followers often with special giveaways and sales!
5) Anything else you would like to tell us or include?
~ My small word of advice to my fellow crafter's: Have FUN with your products! :) I really think that customers can tell when you're having a great time with your work, and that it makes all the difference in how interested others are in your work as well.

Now for the review =) Bathgasm offers bath fizzes and scrubs. They come in sooo many scents, everything from butter cream cupcake to warm vanilla sugar! Her work is quality! I received one candy cane bath fizzie and one hot coco & toasted marshmallow bath fizzie as well as some sample sizes! I decided to test out the candy cane one, seeing as peppermint and candy canes are some of my favorite scents! This fizzie smells amazing (just like the real thing!) and fills the whole room with a wonderful candy cane aroma! Plus they work wonderfully!

Each of the other bath fizzies smell great too, and that's just from smelling them still wrapped in plastic! My samples arrived in a very timely manor, all the bath items were individually wrapped, then packaged in tissue paper in the shipping box. I would highly recommend her shop to anyone! I just might have to go back for more!

1) Could you give me a little background information about you and your shop?
~I make hand stamped and embossed items, like place cards, note cards, and gift tags. I also make table numbers and pomander balls. Mostly, my items are used for weddings and party decor.

2) How did you get started in your craft?
~I have always loved crafts, but I started making items like those in my shop for my own wedding. Then I began to make them for other friend's weddings. And then someone encouraged me to make a shop!

3) How did you come up with your shop name?
~I wanted Oh Happy Day, but it was taken! I always loved the phrase and what better way to describe a wedding day! It should be one of the happiest days of someone's life.

4) How long have you been doing your craft?
~For about 2 years.

5) Anything else you would like to tell us or include?
~Thank you so much for the feature opportunity! It is an honor! And thank you in advance to everyone who checks out my shop! Happy Holidays!!
Review time =) Oh Happy Day Creations is a newer Etsy shop. The shop is full of cute and functional paper goods, all made in excelent quality. To review i got a set of gift tags and a set of place cards! Both are aboslutly adorable! Here both sets have embossed stamps giving them a nice touch. The gift tags have adhesive on the back, making them easy to use and fully functional! The name tags have a cute little dove and open to allow for writing on the inside and easy standing. The samples arrived in a very timely manor and were tied with a little ribbon, super cute! I would recommend her shop for any party or event. Or even just because! She has very cute things for the Holiday season!
Check out both of these wonderful etsy shops! Find there items in the giveaway at the end of the guide!

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  1. Great job reviewing Bathgasm! Alyson's products are soooo good! I ordered a dozen bath bombs and swear everyone is amazing! The scents are so good and they work like a dream. They're supposed to be Xmas presents so I had better stop using them(and order extra for me, lol!).